Creative! Exotic! Fruit & Vegetable Carvings and Displays!

About the owner

Fruitysplendour is owned by Waffa Zanoon. She migrated from Sri Lanka to Canada and brought along with her, inborn handcrafting traits. She inherited these skills from her father who was an entrepreneur and with such an eloquent hand which carved out a large market share for the family business where all the children had an abundance of inborn talent.

 Having migrated to Toronto in late 2008, Waffa was greatly supported and encouraged by her local community to use her talents and establish herself. With her positive outlook to add to the push, she fearlessly moved forward and was hopeful that with God in her heart, she could succeed.  After examining the Canadian environment she chose to do fruit and vegetable carvings  seriously.

 Waffa  is a multitalented person,  having   got her first  diploma  in Cake Decorating and General cookery  way back as 1982. In her former home country, Waffa  had a home based industry  manufacturing  Hand  bags, Evening purses  and  Baby tag along bags.   She added  on a  Diploma in  Pastry, Bakery  and Sugar flower making. Waffa then  learnt  Kae-Sa- Luk,  the age old  art of  Thai Fruit Carvings    from  Thai  Chefs. Now with Fruitysplendour in front of her, she is not looking back anymore.