Creative! Exotic! Fruit & Vegetable Carvings and Displays!
Fruitysplendour  Fruit  Carving Designs

   We are currently accepting orders for the month of July!  as we are fully booked for June!!

Fruitysplendour is a Toronto based business, doing custom fruit and vegetable carvings. We turn out  beautifully carved fruit and vegetable arrangements to suit any occasion.   Our customers have been  delightfully satisfied with the end product.  At Fruitysplendour customers become friends and friends become customers.

Fruitysplendour  turns out glamorous! one of a kind Centrepieces ,  Fruit and Vegetable Carvings  Displays. These are  unique for Weddings, Parties,  Corporate , Community events, Festivals’ and other  occasions. Fruitysplendour! creative!  exotic!works of art have  been displayed at Wedding  Shows,  Golf championships,  Weddings,   parties, TV shows  print Media and other  events.   Wherever   Fruitysplendour products are  displayed,  guests  are always  mesmerised  by  their  beauty  and splendour!

 At  Fruitysplendour  the customer is the most  important  person.  We  create your  idea in our  works of art.   We carve designs, messages, initials, names,    logo's    in suitable fruits of your choice, be it  Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Papaya  or Honeydew  While being the instructor for   fruit and Vegetable  carving through the  TDSB. 

( continueing education)  Our artist also gives private and group lessons  on Fruit and Vegetable carving.